K2 Red Angus Females 

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Functional, Fertile, Efficient… 2016sale1

The Female is the Foundation of our program

She needs to be; Functional—Good foot and let structure and excellent udder structure, calve unassisted and natural mothering ability.

Fertile—breeding back every year in a special breeding season with limited feed resources. (see our Spring and Summer calving program write up for more details)

Efficient—The optimal size for our range and able to thrive on available forages.

Spring & Summer calving program

For several years we have been working toward getting our summer calving registered & recipient herd going. The idea, and the structure, of this way of running our registered cattle has been something we have worked on for several years before that. … maybe that is a bit slow, but for us the ideas behind the operation… the values it will run on… are the foundation before any cattle are even involved.

2016sale2When starting our Summer calving herd the single most im- portant value to us is that this herd is not a dumping place for low fertility cattle! We will never put open cattle out of the spring herd into the summer breeding program to “give them another chance.” Our open cattle are sold by the pound at the local auction. In fact the summer herd has been started largely by embryos from well proven dams out of the spring herd; the best at the traits we strive for in our cattle.

Then what is the purpose in us having two calving seasons?

We feel like this is the best spread of our labor and resources. We calve in February & March, and then again in May & June. Breeding, branding, weaning… these are all spread out the same way.

The two groups also spread out buying opportunities. Again one of our important values comes into the way we market these cattle. The Fall Sale is not a dumping place for cattle that are no- sales in our January sale! Our bulls are designated at birth, or weaning, as January or November sale bulls. No bulls offered in January will ever be passed on to the November sale.

The size of the sale is also important to us. By keeping each sale between 30-60 head we are able to know each bull better; strengths & weaknesses, disposition, soundness… We are the ones around these cattle from conception to sale. We do our own heat detection and AI, calving, weaning, feeding & developing bulls, heifers and steers, take weights, grooming, taking pictures….. Basically if it happens in our bull’s life we are there to see how he performs…. And how he acts!


Jason & Kim Cullen Goertz
2 South Goertz Road
Wheatland, Wy. 82201
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